Igor Dotsenko [DDT, Lyapin Band, etc.]

Whenever you watch, how Igor Dotsenko works on stage, I never cease to be amazed: this not just powerful, beautiful sound, impeccable technique, great taste, ability to play the drums MUSIC and interact with partners - it's also really beautiful visually! It - excellent uncoordination of movements, the absolute absence of any tightness. From the outside, a complete feeling of fusion is created. drummer into one with his instrument. Every hit is a whole an event played out and presented to the viewer with a fair amount of acting skill. No "cheap stuff"! Through every movement true elegance, verified by impeccable taste. Igor Dotsenko not just a drummer of the highest class, but also a great actor, a person who feels at the drums like a fish in water.

It is a great honor for me that Igor Dmitrievich kindly agreed to give an interview for publication on my website...

How did it happen that Did you start playing drums?
It was in 1966: seeing for the first time not on TV, but a live drummer playing ensemble at a dance party at school, I was destroyed, crushed and stuff like that...

Who drummers had the greatest influence on you in the musical plan?
ALEXANDER MUTUZKIN (the first one I saw "live", drummer), Don Brewer ("Grand Funk Railroad"), Ringo Starr ("The Beatles"), Bobby Colomby ("Blood, Sweat & Tears"), Ian Paice ("Deep Purple"), John Bonham ("Led Zeppelin"), Darrel Sweet ("Nazareth"), Mick Tucker ("Sweet"), ANATOLY ABRAMOV ("Araks") and many, many more...

How much time/effort do you did you play drums when you were young?
All your free time...

Have you had any drumming teachers and, if so, who was it?
As such, the game's teacher I didnt have drums, but a tape recorder, recordings of interesting bands and playing in an ensemble (including a restaurant one) is perhaps the best of known to me musical universities.

Hooligan Dotsenko - arrested for 10 days, photo from the board of shame.
Photo from the archive of I.D. Dotsenko At the very beginning of your ways - what gave you the most problems and troubles in relation to drumming (from a technical point of view)?
Unfortunately, I had to "reinvent the wheel" myself, a lot then I stuffed myself with bumps, because it was the second half of the 60s, and even in Kaluga, where there were no professional drummers... (usually musicians, having gathered in an ensemble, agreed which of them will play drums).
It's funny now to remember, but then time I didn't even know what "pa-ra-did-dle" (pa-ra-did-dle) was, and that the drum roll is played in twos (dubble stroke roll) :-)

You were born in Kaluga...
I was not born in Kaluga, and in the small town of Izyaslav, in Western Ukraine, and in My parents brought me to Kaluga when I was three years old.
Then You worked in Moscow...
I never worked in Moscow if do you mean VIA "BLUE BIRD", then this "ensemble" from the very The beginning was based in the Philharmonic of Kuibyshev (now Samara). AT In 1982, having married, I moved to St. Petersburg.
Who (what) "dragged" you to the capital?
To the Blue Bird? my old Kaluga friend - keyboard player Dima Galitsky (recorded keyboard parts instruments on the album DDT "LOVE") somehow, returning home to Kaluga from the next tour, called me and offered to work in Blue Bird, I auditioned and got the job.

Gapon, Galitsky, Dotsa, Drozd and Parfenyuk.
Photo from the archive of I.D. Dotsenko Are there any projects from your past that you would like to play again?
Difficult to answer, because there were too many projects for over 35 years of drumming.

Please tell us about your very first musical projects.
School ensemble consisting of: piano, two button accordions, six-string acoustic guitar, vocalist and drums (threesome :-) 1967;
Kaluga Palace Brass Band Pioneers (big drum, later - clarinet);
Photo from the archive of I.D. Dotsenko brass band of the Kaluga Palace of Pioneers (saxophone, later - drums (full set) 1967-1968;
Variety ensembles restaurants in Kaluga 1968 (I studied then in the eighth grade ;-);
Kaluga Philharmonic (accompanying female vocal ensemble) group "Kaluzhanka"). 1969
Lucky to play on timpani in the symphony orchestra "Beethoven's 3rd Concerto for piano (soloist Yakov Flier) (1970 or 1971, not remember)
I hope that's enough?

Which of the musicians will you do you enjoy working the most and why?
With those who can listen to partners in the performance of musical works ...

In a career spanning over 35 years, you have worked with by a wide variety of artists in a wide range of musical styles. With which of these artists, in your opinion, did you manage to achieve as tall as a drummer?
This is Volodya Shurygin, legendary Kaluga musician.
He passed away at the end of July 1979, barely overstepping the age of 24 (his birthday is 22 June 1955) ...
We met Shuryga when he was 17 and I'm 19 - he immediately loaded me up to the ...

About this guy, who lived for 24 years for an eternity, can have a multi-volume write...

When you are offered to take part in any next musical project, what factors influence Your decision?
I need to be sure that I can play musical forms offered to me, how much I am interested in myself project, the level of professionalism of the musicians involved in it, the idea etc... - in short, nothing should break me in this project.

When you and your group suddenly "reanimate" any of the old songs, do you find it difficult to remember any of the old things, which you have not played for a long time or you have it instantly "in hands"?
The only thing I can be proud of is my musical memory, so when we start playing some old song, I don't have to make any effort to remember his part - the hands play themselves.
I don't think it will be difficult for me play now any part of the drums from any song "BIRDS".

Have you ever had to work in session?
I do this all the time in my spare time from DDT.
Do you like this kind of work or do you prefer adhere to any one stable team and style?
Of course I like it, it's so interesting: new musicians, new ideas, new sound, new forms for you... insanely interesting, but it is desirable - less dictation !!!

You do the arrangements, drum parts yourself or in collaborating with other musicians? Or someone strictly dictates to you, what, where and how to play?
It happens in different ways: when oneself, when - with partner musicians, it sometimes happens - and under harsh dictation.

How much freedom do you have in the studio records?
Almost complete.

In other words, are you yourself decide which microphones to use, for example...
By selecting microphones usually a producer and a sound engineer are involved, this is better for them it turns out.
...heads, cymbals to use when recording, on what drums to play, etc.?
Usually, especially for records, I don't change anything in my Drum set, sometimes I put new plastics on drums, but not before the recording itself, but a week or two before to it, so that there is time to beat them.

Do you accept active participation in the studio recording process, in mixing?
Of course, as needed.
I mean, "twist knobs" on a par with the leader and sound engineers, or do you prefer "not get involved" in this matter?
When it is necessary, I twist.

How do you feel about electronic drums and other newfangled "things"? I like any newfangled "things" including electronic drums, but everything is good in moderation.

Not secret that many domestic performers play concerts with "live" drummers, and when recording in the studio they prescribe drum machine...
You mean "MOVIE"?
...how are you why do you think?..
I'm at a loss.
... and well is it?
Let the leader and producer of the band decide.

What musical projects are you currently involved in? time?
DDT Group, Lyapin Band + participation in recording sessions of St. Petersburg and not only St. Petersburg projects...

Are you working now?
Less than I would like to, because I'm terribly lazy.

Are there any areas in your game from a technical point of view that you would want to improve?
Yes, and quite a lot, do not list same them all.

You have been on stage for over thirty-five years. Where You draw on the creative power to continue playing drums with youthful enthusiasm in the best sense of the word?
I don't think about my age when I sit down to drum.

For many, DDT is pioneers, favorites, an example for imitations. How do you feel about this?
Calmly, but responsibly.

Which album from the vast discography "DDT" What is your favorite and why?
It's difficult highlight such an album, there are songs that I dont like in a row reasons, but in general I like all the albums of the group, it's a pity, really, that we were too clever with the drums on the album "PLASTUN", as a result what they failed in sound.

How is it that you started playing "DDT"?
This information is more than enough in various publications about DDT.

Many groups appear and disappears. What, in your opinion, has led to such a long-term successful the existence of "DDT"?
The answer is simple - inexhaustible energy Shevchuk Yu.Yu., which he constantly recharges and does not give relax neither us, the members of the group, nor the audience (or fans creativity of DDT), who, in spite of everything, try (try) not to lose spirituality and RUSSIAN LANGUAGE.

What, on your look, the younger generation of drummers is different from drummers of your generation (if any)?
In my opinion, the younger generation of drummers ignore the masters I have listed above, and they try to write without knowing alphabets, and at the same time very verbose ... I call it - drum chatter.

What would you recommend beginner drummers?
Listening to more music and more play more in a group or team of musicians, only this will give good "orchestral practice" and teach drum accompaniment, and yet - to try to solo less at the same time.

Would you recommend to beginner drummers any regular or video schools?
DAVE WECKL "Back To Basics" is the best drumming video school I know, here this MASTER begins by explaining in great detail how learn how to manage sticks, talks about setting up, arranging drums, etc...

How do you tune your drums? Are there any professional secrets and subtleties here?
During tuning, I screw the drum bolts until until I like the sound.

Discover the secret of how you manages to extract a rich sound from the drums when you need it, and in the same time dry, soft sound, when exactly is it needed?
No secret, I just had a period where I had to to do sound production on drums, I had to sweat.

Besides drumming, do you practice any other kind of art (painting, literature, etc.)?
No, I have a lot of animals - that's what I do. (Igor Dmitrievich has two dogs, two cats plus different aquarium population)

Don't shoot! :-) What do you like to do in your spare time? drumming time? Drive a car, surf the Internet etc.

How do you manage to combine a stormy touring activities with family life? As well as all acting and touring musicians.

What kind of music do you listen to at home, in the car?
Now it is more classical music or modern jazz.

When you work in a studio, you use click while recording?
Used only once - when recording the album "WORLD NUMBER ZERO", and even then, only in order to hold the tempo until the drum samples of Kostya Shumailov enter.

Do you play any other music instruments besides drums?
I strum into the guitar on friendly parties and booze :-)

Do you have music education?
Yes - two months of music school accordion class :-)
Is that true?
Why exactly on the button accordion, and not on the drums? How is it that you are not learned how to play the drums "officially", so to speak? Something hindered?
It would be more correct to say - "did not help", so as none of the musical educational institutions in Kaluga had then nothing like the "Percussion Instruments" class.

When I was in the first grade, my father bought himself an accordion and I, with grief in half, learned to play it, two years later an accordion was bought, I had to tinker with the button accordion keyboard ... My success inspired my parents and two years later I was sent to the muses. school by button accordion class - it was when I was already in the fifth grade, through for a couple of months I was kicked out of school for hooliganism, but I especially and was not upset then, even sighed with relief, because I was hearing, but at school they were forced to play strictly according to the notes :-)
When I was finishing fifth grade, my older brother and demolished my tower with the ability to accompany thieves songs on the seven-string guitar.
It was another virus - I started melt strings. A year later, one of my school friends showed me tuning and chords for the six-string - I had to relearn again :-)
When I was in sixth grade, I saw the game for the first time live drummer (Alexander Mutuzkin, currently time - professor at the Nizhny Novgorod Conservatory in the clarinet class), I understood - THIS IS MY!!!!!!!!!!

If you were offered to live life again, would you be a drummer? If yes, what would What moments in your career would you like to change?
It's - my life, I don't think I would like to change anything, bring I have to live it again.

Concert on Palace Square in 1993 What it's like to be "legendary drummer" and "rock star"?
I don't feel neither "legendary drummer" nor "rock star", and I dont give a damn about these inventions, the main thing is that when I am Im on stage and playing, none of the outsiders bothered me): -

Are you currently promoting any percussion instrument manufacturers?
Manufacturer only my set of plates - Mikhail Zagrebin and drumsticks that I have been using since 1992 from the program "Black Dog Petersburg" - St. Petersburg company "POLYGON".

Please tell us about the instrument on which You are currently playing.

DW drumset:
Bass Drum: 22"
Tom-toms: 10" , 12" , 14" .16"
"Sonor" Snare Drum: 14" x 6.5"
Bass Drum Double Pedal - DW5000HD Delta II

Cymbals (cymbals) - manufactured St. Petersburg craftsman Mikhail Zagrebin

Custom Heavy Ride - 22"
Custom 17" Crash
Custom 18" Crash
Custom China Type 19"
Custom Splash 12"
Hi-Hat - 14"

Drum Heads:
Tom-toms and kick drum - "REMO" (PIN STRIPE)

Drum Sticks:
POLYGON Modern Generation of Drumsticks DS`06

Please tell us about your relationship with your instrument. Because you love him, don't you? huh?
I like to play, and so... I love it too :-)
And he reciprocate?
It seems to me - answers.
Do you believe that a musical instrument, and drums, in in particular, it is a living being, to which one must relate appropriately?
Any of the musical instruments - it is a continuation or part of the musician playing it, and It means that HE is alive, and this should not be underestimated.

Does your instrument get "whimsical"?
Of course it does.
And how are you with him in such cases "communicating"?
Trying to negotiate.
Or are you over him always unquestioning power and complete control?
I wanted to would, but it does not always work out, and then you have to make compromises.

Igor Dotsenko at a demonstration on May 1, 1977
Which tool was your very first drum set?
Small (pioneer) drum was privatized by me from the pioneer room of the school where I studied, an ordinary chair served as a stand for him :-)
Cymbal for playing in a brass band, worth 7 rubles 00 kopecks, instead of a rack, a duralumin ski pole was used, tied with a rope to another chair :-)

Here it is one of the photographs shows you with brass and snare drums on demonstrations. Was it November 7th or May 1st? Which year? How old are you Was it years then?
Most likely it was a May Day demonstration 1977, so I was then 24 years old.

On this the photo shows that the rest of the musicians are much older than you according to the age. What do you think (only frankly!) - why do they did they hire you - so young compared to them?
Everything is utterly corny: they just called me and offered hack-work for 25 rubles, if I was free, I agreed.

1974 :-)
Photo from the archive of I.D. Dotsenko You can now remember and tell us some funny or, conversely, a curious incident in your musical life?
When I started ride around the country with "KALUZHANKA", at one of the green concerts I Tooth powder was poured onto the working side of the snare drum, which after the first blow, he filled almost the entire stage space, not to mention the fact that this powder scored everything possible holes in my head ;-)
This joke has long been known - this is how they always prescribed young people starting to work for owls. stage drummers.

Do you think that has the music industry changed over the years?
Yes - there were a lot of pirates.

What do you think "show business" and is it now in our country?
For me "show business" for some reason is associated more with "pop music", and they are in this so-called. "show business", of course, became adept.

Daughter with Chaplin in America :-)
Photo from the archive of I.D. Dotsenko You have practically everything a drummer can only dream of. And what, in your opinion, you never succeeded musically?
Learn play the piano or harp, for example.

Do you have desire to release a solo album?
Our uncle Misha released album "Uncle Misha In Rock", I'm not too ambitious to to repeat such a "feat", although the records of the groups in which my drums, 10-15 albums ;-)

Tried Have you ever tried your hand as an educator?
Tried to Petersburg Rock Club in the winter of 1987-1988. Experience ended in failure none of my students learned to play the drums - random there were people who pecked at, as it may seem, an easy tool.

I've heard complaints that you're out of line you refuse to teach young people how to play the drums...
Not true!
I know from my own experience that you are very responsive and always ready to to give advice, suggest, explain something to the less experienced colleague...
I don't remember ever turning someone down...

Concert on Palace Square in 1993 Please open Your "signature" secret - HOW did you learn to play the drums so beautiful from a visual point of view?
Specially, I never didn't study it.
Are you practicing show elements beforehand?
No, just trying to play the way I like it though it happens to me less often than I would like ;-)
Your gestures come from the heart, from the heart?
It's hard for me to define, and I don't I wonder where it all comes from.

Well, Kolya, and you give it!!!!!!!!!!!
I almost took my soul out of me with that invert... ;-)