Dave Weckl: FACE TO FACE

  • (News Beat) Hi Dave, how are you?
  • (Dave Weckl) Good, great: life is great, thank you. What is your life like today? A whirlwind of events - I put my house and studio in order, except Togo, I'm working with the band on a new album. In my decision to keep everything under control includes the creation of a home studio. I also recently married amazing woman, and this helps to stabilize. My priorities have changed: me child and paternal responsibility, responsibility for my relationship with wife. All this merged with my musical experience and made me something than me I am now, and shaped my game. You know, there are musicians who put in a lot of effort trying to find themselves through their music, are constantly on the lookout for their path. As for me, I I really feel like I got on this path a few years ago. It feels like the right way and I feel good.

  • Is "Transition" more than just the title of your previous album?
  • Yes, I was in transition, trying to take control of my life. I has undergone many personal and professional changes. Change is not easy after all sometimes they put pressure on me, and sometimes I force myself to change. I I am in the process of evolution. That's the only way I can describe it.

  • What about you? Describe yourself.
  • Hy: impatient, unrestrained, controlled, passionate, loving sensitive...and aware.

  • Can you remember the moment that changed your life like drummer?
  • I was about fifteen or sixteen years old, hanging out in the parking lot, waiting see Maynard Fergusson (Maynard Ferguson). Someone said: "Hey, listen, this." I never heard nothing like this. They were Steve Gadd and Chick Corea. I couldn't finish understand it, but I was so attracted by what I heard: I could not believe. I'm infatuated with all the great drummers. Then came Billy Cobham (Billy Cobham), and all this incredible fusion. I tried to imitate everyone and this helped in shaping my personality.

  • What was the most exciting moment in your life as a musician?
  • There were many. Even before I was in high school, I used to play school jazz band! In the fourth grade I played "Get Ready" by Rare Earth in the talent show. It was great (laughs). college game in jazz orchestra and accompaniment to such great musicians as Clark Terry, Lou Soloff (lew Soloff and Gerry Mulligan are important events in my life. When I arrived at New York, my first big break came with Michel Camillo and Anthony Jackson (Anthony Jackson) in French Toast. Luckily, I prepared crazy, so my sensual and emotional components were on top, and the musicians playing with me liked it. This and led me to the right path, which led me to where I am now.

  • So, in 1985, you were having a great time in New York?
  • Yes, I was all alone - a boy in New York... I played like crazy, a lot of studio work, clubs, and it was incredibly exciting. I lived like dreamed (laughs).

  • From nowhere to Paul Simon, Chick Corea and a big career. Were there any master plan?
  • No, no: It all happened by itself. When the opportunity arose I was always ready. I didn't just play the drums, I studied them, so I could take part in session recordings, play with teams, compose and demonstrate all this in books and on video. The only one general plan (except my first disc of the same name) was to find a place behind drum kit where I could be really free and create music.

  • Was it a big step in your musical life when you joined Chica?
  • Yes, I was flattered to be called, but I was so familiar with his music that at that moment it was quite a natural step in my evolution. Roy Haynes, Steve Gadd and Tommy Brechtlein are among those who came before me, plus Chick, who also plays drums - he knew how everything do easier for me. By that time, I had already gone through some frightening moments... like imitation of Steve Gadd in Paul Simon's band. It was scary.

  • Your name is constantly mentioned along with the names of leading musicians all times. Does it matter to you?
  • Yes and no. It's nice, it does me credit, but I know where I am and me more interested in moving forward.

  • Who are you listening to right now?
  • Listen to car radio: Incubus, Santana, Kid Rock, Sisqo. And then I turn on Tower of Power or James Brown. My wife constantly introduces me to music, which I would normally not listen to. She shows me dance moves. Yes, she taught me the dance moves (laughs). There is so much great Cuban music out there and I found it to be draws me in - I've always loved Salsa!

  • Salsa! What else do we not know about Dave Weckle?
  • I'm really into cars. I love fast cars as well guacamole. Lately, I have taken a liking to cooking. I like mexican food and good pizza Margherita.

  • You are best known as a jazz and fusion musician. But you played with rock musicians such as Paul Shaffer and Jeff Beck, as Robert Plant, c Honeydrippers on "Rocking Midnight". Rock and roll is part of you souls?
  • Yes, definitely! Like a child raised in Saint-Louis, between the ages of six and nine, I listened to everything Monkees, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Three Dog night. The Sunday gig with the Honeydrippers came up at the last minute. I remember how Plant sang in a small room, as Jeff often smiled. We played rock! It's for life! It was a truly memorable experience.

  • You are a composer. Are there any songs that you regret not having them yourself? wrote?
  • Paul Simon "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover", Chick Corea "Spain" and Gino Vanelli (Gino Vannelli) "Wheels of Life" from the album "Brother to Brother". Mark Craney - his game on the drumming is still killing me: great album.

  • Are there any live performances that have influenced you?
  • Peter Gabriel a few years ago and it was really powerful. Other - Gino Vannelli with Paul Brochu on drums... incomprehensible.

  • What motivates you to look for your own cymbal sounds?
  • I don't compromise. A lot of my friends play Sabian and their cymbals sound amazing. The new HHX series is very cool.

  • You've been here before. What does it feel like to be back on Sabian?
  • Then, the first time I was young. Now I understand giving, devotion and the hard work of every Sabian employee. I knew Charlie Brown (Charlie Brown) one of the guys who make hand forged plates. He makes plates from the day in a day over twenty years. I really feel good being here.

  • What next?
  • My band is the Dave Weckl Band: Steve Weingart on keyboards, Brandon Fields Fields) on saxophone and Tom Kennedy on bass guitar. It's cool, and we've already waved the public. We can easily fill Ronnie Scott in London for a week or playing at the Catalina Club in Los Angeles is a band that really goes all out every night and people love it. Our album Transition - a story about who we are. We took a groove and placed it in jazz environment: like a funky Weather Report. Steve made us Good take a steam bath.

News Beat Magazine, Special Issue. 2002
Translation: Petroshop company
Editor: Evgeny Ryaboy