Rock... music, culture or lifestyle?

HOY! I would like to immediately warn readers against speculation with the title of the article. I am not going to give a precise and rigid definition of Rock, it is not possible to do this. I'm just trying to describe what I think about Rock and most likely my point of view will coincide with the point of view of many rockers on the planet.

Rock... for many, this word is associated with nothing more than a large genre of music with many subgenres (and Rock does have many subgenres). And if such a person calls himself a rocker, then he is mistaken. Rock is, first of all, a culture with its own values ​​and "concepts", it is a special point of view on the whole world and for many people it is a way of life. And already this culture includes a genre of music that reflects this culture as in a mirror. If we talk about the features of Rock as a genre of music, then we can note its versatility. I mean the division of rock into pop-rock, art rock, hard rock and so on (further saying Rock, I will mean culture, and rock - music). But although many fans of heavy rock, to put it mildly, do not like lovers of its lighter directions, Rock is a single, indivisible whole.

I am writing this article accompanied by various rock artists. This makes it easier to think about what you want to say. At the moment I'm listening to Mike and Tsoi's home concerts. I listen and see in them (I dont mean only in them) a reflection of the very thing that sits in each of us, but that many ruin in the bud, a reflection of the beatnik lifestyle, when you can break away at any moment and to go somewhere when you don't need anything but a group of friends, beer and good rock. Really, what else does a real rocker need?

If someone does not agree that Viktor Tsoi was the embodiment of this image, then I advise you to read the book by Alexei Rybin "Cinema from the very beginning to the very end." It was in this book that I read a thing that "knocked out" me for a long time. Already in the late 90s, Alexey Rybin with Lesha Ratsen recorded covers for the earliest songs of Kino. No, then it was not yet "Kino", but "Garin and the Hyperboloids". Everything went well, but the press conference in Moscow, which took place after the recording of cover versions, nevertheless reminded us of the ugliness of the world around us.

Quote from the book.

- Do you want to ride on someone else's glory? - How much did you earn? - Have you decided to assert yourself? Don't have your own material?

What is bad thinking? People came to the performance (presentation, if we speak in a plaintive modern dialect) of a musical work - what, it seems, to talk about, if not about music? I do not ask them whether they are pederasts or not, whether they take bribes in their newspapers or not? These are questions of the same level. At least one question was about music and at least one of them understood something in what was happening - in the process of recording, whether the singer hits the key, whether the intonation is correct, in instrumentation, in energy, in timbres, in technique .. Nothing even comes close.
End quote.

From myself, I just want to add: if only someone understood that this was done, as I think, also in order to simply remember the beatnik past, to "shake the old days" ... WELL, IT WAS NOT DONE FOR GLORY !!! AND ALL THE MORE NOT FOR MONEY!!! For a real rocker or beatnik, there are no material values ​​\u200b\u200bat all. He is not interested in any profit, he just lives for Rock, Rock is like air for him, and music for him is water. Air and water, what else does a person need for existence? So for a rocker, only Rock and Rock are needed to exist.

Let's go back to rock as music. Take the text of any Legend of Russian Rock. What do rock singers sing about? Yes, many are about nothing, as it might seem at first glance. Many sing about ordinary everyday things, many sing about deep, difficult things to understand. But in any case, they all sing about ordinary everyday life, about its truth, from which they are trying to push off, they are trying to create their own Rocker world, in which there are no wars, showdowns, "show-offs", hypocrisy, the desire for profit and many many other terrible features of our life with you, they try to talk about its various problems and joys, starting with the lack of money for beer, ending with bad luck in personal life.

Now look, or better yet, listen to rock. What a drive you can get from "Aria", "Deep Purple", "Nautilus", "Kino", "Dire Straits", "Spleen" and many, many, and many more other bands and performers. It was not by chance that I took completely different bands, by this I wanted to say that rock is different and among this variety you can definitely find something for yourself, for your mood.

One day, I was walking from a session and one guy started rubbing that rock is aggression, it's evil. I knew what to answer him. But then I was in a terrible mood. The girl left me ... In short, I was not verbose. I said: "I agree. There are elements of aggression in rock. But rock is a mirror of life. Draw your own conclusion." I don't know if he understood what I was trying to say. It seems to me that even a fool can understand

"Yoly-paly, what for is this guy rubbing all this on us!?", you ask. I answer. And nevermind! Just. I'm just saying what I think about Rock. In general, almost everything in the world is just like that. Almost everything is wind. Almost all words.

In conclusion, I would like to say that Rock is, first of all, a way of life, special, inexplicable and incomprehensible to those who do not live Rock.