Alexey Nazarchuk master class

Master class on sounding a drum set by Alexey /proffessor/ Nazarchuk.
Organizers: Sennheiser and Russian drumshop Blastbeat (

How to achieve the highest quality sound from a drum kit at a concert, recording, rehearsal? It is generally accepted that the key to success is an impeccable technique and a cool installation. Alas, very often and undeservedly the quality of sounding drums is neglected both for recording and for a comfortable monitor mix.

How to assemble the optimal set of microphones and arrange them correctly; why microphones can be expensive, but the recording result is mediocre; how not to go broke on renting a studio, but to record independently and professionally; how many mics do you need for a good monitor mix? All of these questions will be answered during the Drum 'n' Mics Masterclass.

We are waiting for you on September 22 at the China Town club, where Alexey /proffessor/ Nazarchuk, the drummer of Anacondaz, will share his own experience and talk about the scoring techniques that he uses at concerts and when working in the studio.
We are waiting for everyone!

Location: China-Town-Cafe, Lubyansky proezd 25 c1
Start: September 22 at 20:00