Virgil Donati master class and concert in Samara

The great Virgil Donati will visit our city with his new album and master class.

Virgil's musician Andre Nieri will play the guitar.
Anton Davidyants - bass guitar.
Nikolai Sidorenko - keyboards

The program includes compositions from Virgil's latest album "In This Life", as well as several songs from the repertoire of Allan Holdsworth and Virgil's "Planet X" project.

Virgil Donati never played his own music in Russia. He came several times, but as a sideman. For example, with CAB. He also played at Igor Butman's Triumph in Jazz Festival.

After the concert, there will be an autograph session and communication with the musicians!
There will also be a sale of Virgil Donati merch and personalized instruments.

Master class starts at 16.00
concert at 20.00
concert ticket (includes attendance of the master class):
1500 rub. until 15.09
1800 rub. from 16.09
2000 rub. since 1.10
vip places 2500 rub.

supervip boxes are booked immediately for the company: opposite the stage on the 2nd floor, a soft zone for 6-8 people - 18,000
closed glass room for 8-10 people on the 2nd floor overlooking the stage - 24,000.

* for those who go only to the master class, the entrance fee is 1000 rubles.

Melomania students get a discount of 500 rubles.
nonresident (outside the Samara region), the cost of a prepaid ticket before September 20 is 1000 rubles, after 1400 rubles

buy tickets:
Melomania (Michurina 52, office 23)
online services
city ​​ticket offices