Why do you need a teacher when you can teach yourself

1. The teacher sees the prospects for the development of the student, that is, in simple words, what can be done from the student. Prospects mean a set of certain qualities that the student owns. Also, the teacher is obliged, based on these perspectives, to give individual exercises for the development of certain qualities of technology. Every good teacher has a large set of exercises for each of the learning stages that work best. If you need some specific exercise, then the teacher can come up with it in a split second. Also, a good teacher sees the prospect of development both in this lesson and for the year ahead. Also, the teacher has more musical experience than yours, and can help, for example, with a part you wrote. Also teachers usually teach music notation, so it makes you more enlightened.

2. You can learn on your own, but again, your level of play will basically not be at the best level. This is due to undeveloped technique, dynamics, strokes, etc. It's just that people who do it on their own usually devote very little time to the technique itself, mainly it's your favorite rhythms at your favorite pace and with the same fills, but people don't even think that it's unproductive. And something new is taken from your favorite songs and again in pieces. More than 60% simply quit doing it - someone stops being interested, someone finds a new hobby, well, or there is such an option as a person runs out of money for training and sooner or later a person quits again.

The teacher plays a decisive role in learning, because what you achieve in 10 years on your own, with a teacher will be reduced to 1.5-2 years. There will also be great motivation to practice on your own, as you will see that your technique and capabilities are growing every week. Naturally, you have to pay a certain amount per month for training, but again, think about what you get.
And as one smart person said, The knowledge for which we paid our own money (not someone elses) is the most valuable. Author: Andrey "Matvey" Matvienko