Why buy expensive sticks and drums when there are cheaper and prettier ones?

1. Expensive sticks and drums are made from higher quality woods using certain technologies.
As for sticks, the manufacturing technology and selection of material for their creation has been developed over the years, as for cheap sticks, they are made by conveyor production. That is, post-production verification is minimal. If you compared cheaper sticks and expensive ones, then cheap ones feel very bad in your hand (feeling of a rolling pin), the same feeling if you find an even drin in nature. Well, the balance is almost unreadable. As for more expensive models, again, the technology allows you to make the stick balanced, where the weight will be clearly determined, the difference in weight between one and the other stick will be almost imperceptible, for elongated sticks the force of the stick shoulder will be noticeable, and at what distance it will be from the drum . That is, it turns out that each hand will send the same effort to this or that action. In terms of weight and balance, we can make strikes with the desired dynamics and the hands will not feel like in a rocking chair, but will be relaxed, that is, it turns out we can play longer =)

2. Drums. The same as with the sticks, only the differences will be not only in the wood, but also in the number of layers of the shell, whether the rims will be cast or stamped (which affects the game of "rimshot" and the duration of the stick's service life). It will also be different depending on the materials of manufacture.
From a sonic point of view, the difference lies in the fact that the drums resonate well and a large number of overtones appear, the sound is more collected and readable. And there is no feeling that you are hitting some kind of box)) The sound from the volumes is more pleasant, I would even say melodic. Uniform rebound from volumes (in general), and there are less difficulties in tuning (people who tuned 12.13 volumes will understand me)) Also on more expensive installations there are stronger mounts. Well, the budget is the budget, naturally, for classes it is worth buying a cheaper kit (but not sticks), also getting damper rings so that the drums do not shimmer with sustain, but have some specific sound points. Andrey Matvey Matvienko