Monday Drummer - master class by Igor Javad-Zade

Igor Javad-Zade's drum school "The Underground Dog" and BLASTBEAT DRUM SHOP present: the legendary drum Mondays "Monday Drummer" - now in the very center of Moscow: "PROSTO" club CAFE", metro Library named after Lenin, Starovagankovsky lane, 19 building 3 (to the right of the Rhythm "n" Blues Cafe) Entrance 150 rubles. - a drink as a gift.

November 2 - master class by Igor Javad-Zade, the opening of the season!

Igor Javad-Zade is a famous Russian drummer. Has been playing drums since the age of 6. The son of the famous Soviet drummer Vsevolod Javad-Zade. In 1982 he graduated from music. Tchaikovsky School in Moscow. Collaborated with: Arsenal group, Igor Granov group, Nautilus-Pompilius group, Igor Talkov, Argument D group, Gornitsa ensemble, Alliance group, Inna Zhelannaya, Keepers group, Kristina Orbakaite, Plastillinn group, A-studio group, Zemfira, Abraham Russo, LKN group, Alexander Barykin, Look I group, Alexey Goman, Ulytau group, Al Shagalov, City 312 group, White Eagle group, KhZ group, Ornithology group, KDS group, Petr Nalich, Evgeny Kemerovsky, Drums Dreams group, Alexander Marshall, Derek George Sherinian, Anthony James Franklin, Brent Woods, and countless session projects and recordings.
Currently, Igor Javad-Zade is one of the leading teachers in Russia. Has his own drum school "The Underground Dog".


Igor Javad-Zade is the founder and ideological inspirer of drum Mondays "Monday Drummer". Founder of the drum school "The Underground Dog".

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