How to learn to play breaks correctly???

It's no secret that every self-respecting drummer has a couple dozen favorite breaks. And that drummers, depending on the situation, use one of them, for example, after 1 verse, the other after the chorus. These are common truths and we will talk with you about how to understand what kind of break to insert all the same???!!!

So where to start:
- Art form
- Dynamics
- Key points

The form will help us figure out what goes for what (meaning the parts). The form varies in structure, but the main parts are mostly in the same place. Knowing the form will help us see how to glue a verse with a chorus, a chorus with a loss, etc.

The dynamics will tell us with what volume we need to play this or that break, part, moment. Knowing the dynamics will not let us overpower our ensemble or vocalist, and will not spoil our performance as a whole.

The key moments are the moments where we play some kind of rhythmic figure along with the others (a prime example of I Feel Good), or we have to emphasize the vocal line through some kind of cymbal. Knowing the key points will allow our playing not to differ from the playing of the ensemble, and not to screw up the song.

These little tips will give you the right "what" and "when to do" and make you more musical. Andrey "Matvey" Matvienko