Application of knowledge in practice.

So - in the life of every drummer there comes a period when, having learned 15-20 rudiments, we think, - "Where can I insert them so that they sound in the theme"? And often came to a standstill)
In fact, this is quickly cured. At some point in my life, I came to the conclusion that I simply divided them into their direct use in the game. So let's get started)

Rudiments like 5,7,9,11,13 fraction, etc., are mainly played before the first beat, the second, etc., also the allocation of sub-beats, that is, the weak beats of the 8th; 16th, etc., depending on which share you need to allocate.

The second type of rudiments are "Paradiddle" their application is infinite, that is, we can use them both in the patterns that we play and breaks. Why I said "infinite" because they can be everywhere, and it is not always clear that this is some kind of paradid .

Further, flam rudiments: they can both highlight some beats and make breaks, also applicable for drawings (a prominent representative of Matt Garstka).

Drags: The main use is the same as the previous comrade.
At least knowing why the rudiments are needed and how the rudiments are divided, you can safely use them in the game without fear that you will reach a dead end, and if you do, it will no longer be a matter of rudiments))