How to develop a sense of time?

Today we will discuss a topic that is of interest to many people. How to achieve a good sense of time, you ask? Now I will tell you where to start and in which direction to move. There are many theories on this subject, at least everyone achieves a sense of time in their own way, I will try to tell what helped me personally:

1) One thing to always start with is to break our 4/4s into beats and sub-beats (eighths and sixteenths). To help you, find Benny Grab's textbook, where he compiled all this into the alphabet and work out. In addition, you can take the drawings that you play and play 1,2,3,4 sixteenth notes on top of it in a hat (I warn you right away, this will not be easy). It's all about basic knowledge. Let's move on.

2) The next level of development of both time and the brain is polyrhythm (if necessary, find a video school), study this school and it will become easier for you to find yourself in time, and also come up with your own chips and fillings based on polyrhythms.

3) The next step is quintoli, sextoli, septoli, 32nd; probably my favorite exercises. And here the most difficult ones are odd durations, especially their accentuation. For example, take a fifth and play it with deuces under a metronome, in words it seems that it is easy, but for example, temp 120 will confuse you very much, because the feeling of durations will be more and more blurred and elusive. Also try to experiment by putting accents yourself (which will complicate the task (meaning single hits), and in a deuce for complication you can play the so-called reverse deuce (deuce with an emphasis on the second note) on weak fractions of a quintoli (believe me, this is hell))))

4) And in conclusion, mixing these durations will help us, and converting them into complex ideas (shifts), linear breaks and fillings, for example, under 1 metronome beat in 4 beats, can also help, quintuplets, sextoli and seventoli are especially useful, because they read worse in head.

P.S The most important thing is not to stop in your development, be creative and know the measure, as your game consists of many details of the engine you are driving. You will sound good only when all the colors of the Rubik's Cube fall into place (hand technique, foot technique, rudiments, coordination, ideas, knowledge of styles, work with a metronome, musical notation). Successes in creativity and new ideas.