How to mute drums?


The response vibrations of the snare drum often create problems. They are usually triggered by the tuning of nearby drums and bass guitars. The reason is that the stringer's pitch matches or is close to the frequency of the response vibration. And the last thing you want to do when you find such a beautiful sound is to rebuild the stringer. But, as with many other musical issues, there must be trade-offs.

One way to get rid of this unnecessary rattling is to put a piece of very thin paper or plumbing tape between the liner and the bottom head near where the liner enters the lock clip. You will have to experiment with the thickness, but the problem can be greatly reduced.

It happens that the drums emit an unbearable "rumble". This happens especially with cheap drums and demo heads. There are several ways to get rid of this:

1. Use special dampers.

2. Stick something soft like a sponge or cotton wool to the surface of the plastic.

3. Attach foam on the inside of the drum.

4. Stretch some fabric under the plastic. In this case, drum volume and bounce may be affected.

The bass drum also often needs to be muffled. It can be muffled with the same dampers and / or put a pillow inside. Try to place a pillow (a blanket or whatever) so that it touches the impact/resonance head or nothing at all. The main thing here is to find your sound, the sound that you like. Don't be afraid to experiment.