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All about Buddy Rich - Drumnet.ru

Buddy Rich

Birthday: September 30, 1917

Died: April 02, 1987

Official site: http://www.buddyrich.com/

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Books Buddy Rich

Buddy Rich Modern Interpretation Of Snare Drum Rudiments

When Buddy Rich's Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Rudiments was first published in 1942 it became an instant classic: the world-class drum method from the worlds greatest drummer. Written by Rich and his distinguished collaboratorn Henry Adler the book has been virtually the drummer's bible ever since. Buddy Rich's Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Rudiments contains a systematic course for the beginner, and is a great value to the teacher and professional who wishes to increase his knowledge of rudiments. In additon to the elementary principles of music, there are eighty-three lessons of exercises and rudiment, twenty-one reading exercises, ten exercises employing rudiments and advanced rhythmic studies.
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