Catalog of drum and percussion manufactures
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Drumnet.ru at a glance

Drumnet.ru is the world's social networking hub for drummers and percussionists and the drum industry navigating and searching vehicle offering an innovative visual exposition of the online resources of the world's drum industry stakeholders.

Eight sections of Drum Industry Navigator represent stakeholders of the worlds drum industry. .

Our Drums section is to help drummers and percussionists to identify a drum, drums, tambor, tamburo, Trommel, tambour, batterie, drum manufacturers, snare and acoustic drums, drum set, drumset, drum kit, Custom Drums, Custom drum set, electronic drums, electronic drum set or drum shell.

If you are looking for percussion instruments, percussion manufacturers, kids percussion, educational percussion, concert percussion, marching percussion, African percussion, Asian percussion, Brazilian percussion, European percussion, Indian percussion, Latin percussion, Middle Eastern percussion, hand percussion & all effects percussion or particular percussion musical instrument such as conga, bongo, cajon, udu, pandeiro, djembe, chimes, shakers, bodhran, riq, darbuka, doumbek, tabla, frame drums, tambourines, tar, bender, kanjira, tamburello or many other percussion instruments you can find their manufacturers in Percussion section of Drum Industry Navigator. .

If you are after cymbals, cymbals manufacturers, ride cymbals, splash cymbals, crash cymbals, gong, china cymbals or hi-hat cymbals their manufacturers are presented in the Cymbals section. .

Drum and Percussion Hardware including drumheads, drum heads, bass pedals, beaters, stands, racks, clamps, holders, thrones their manufacturers are in Hardware section. .

Drum and Percussion Accessories including drumsticks, drum sticks, mallets, brushes, cases, straps, practice pads, muffles, dampeners, drum care tools and kits, drum cleaning, drum apparel, drum skins, microphones, metronomes, tuners, drum keys their manufacturers in Accessories section. .

Publishers section consists of drum and percussion magazines, books, sheets, instructional video, drum festivals, percussion festivals, drum associations and organizations, percussion associations and organizations as well as great drum web sites .

Where to buy section consists of retailers, dealers and distributors around the world where to buy drums, where to buy percussion, where to buy cymbals, where to buy drum and percussion hardware, where to buy drum and percussion accessories. Where to buy section allows you to find places to buy drums and percussion around the world in countries of Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. .

Where to study section consists of educational institutions including musical schools, colleges, conservatories, drum tutors and teachers with their private courses and private lessons, clinics, master-classes. Where to study section allows you to find places to learn playing drums and percussion around the world in countries of Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. .

Apart from Drum Industry Navigator the following sections meant for connecting drummers and percussionists from all over the world.

Video section is the collection of the drums video materials distributed between the themes sub-sections such as: Drummers video, Percussionists video, Drum Festivals video, Percussion Festivals video, Drum Clinics video, Drum solo video, Drum Shows video and Drum Jokes video.

Section Networking Hub is the social network for drummers and percussionists where we are delighted to invite all drummers and percussionists in the world to open up their own pages in order to share with us their thoughts, blogs, photos, music and video. Free classifieds section allows you to place any advertisement, buy or sell notices and announcements. Our drum and percussion forum is made for networking and communication between drummers and percussionists. .

Section Hire Drummers allows you to place an enquiry, where you can specify your searching criteria such as: musical genres, level of playing to find the required drummer, percussionist, session musician or teacher.

Questions and offers you can send to email: ad@drumnet.ru
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