about the pads of Chuzhbinov

  • amdm

    Double vinyl) chic!

  • Ivan_drums

    +1. On account of the noise, I absolutely agree.

  • kirill_an

    Well, what did you want ... vibration is vibration. But if you discard it, then the noise from it is really less!

  • amdm

    [b] kirill_an [/ b], Nope, with the stand is much louder, because the vibration from the silicone, combined with the piece of wood under it, gives a really loud bass sound. There is nothing to argue here, because I checked it.

  • kirill_an

    I will not argue .. I just do not play on the counter)

  • 1sthast

    If you do not fully clamp the pad in the rack, then it gives less to the floor.

  • scorp

    what about hitting the floor?

    How quiet is the bass pad?

    do you play in the apartment?

  • andreevmaxik

    [b] scorp [/ b], the recoil is strong, it is necessary to make a podium.

  • Maxofff

    [b] andreevmaxik [/ b], I'll start with what are the legs of the counter made of? If plastic or hard rubber, then vibration cannot be avoided.

  • andreevmaxik

    [b] Maxofff [/ b], medium hard rubber. It is clear that it gives off to the floor, but it is loud and straight))

    quote from the message 1sthast

    If you do not fully clamp the pad in the rack, then it will give less to the floor.

    thanks, it really got better.

  • Maxofff

    [b] andreevmaxik [/ b], sometimes at night I fuck in the same room with my sleeping wife and one-year-old son + I manage to watch TV at 2nd volume .... so something is clearly wrong with you.

  • andreevmaxik

    [b] Maxofff [/ b], patient family). I loosened the rack, it became quieter.

  • lucky83

    let's swap for my one-zone Vic Firth 12?)

  • solidator

    I have gray and all the rules, everything is fine with noise, and everything is ok on the counter and with paint) I don't know what was sent there)

  • aroma

    I myself play the same ped, not to say that it is quiet. But compared to HQ it sounds quieter ...

  • andreevmaxik

    [b] aroma [/ b], yeah, if you do not pinch in the rack.