What do you say about the small Pearl Free Floating 14x5.5

  • runner

    for casting?)

  • drummies

    [b] runner [/ b], yes)

  • runner

    yes I think it will be a good guy. put the pursound strings and the layer is normal. casting will never hurt)

  • 5seven

    The same dv puts casting

  • scorp

    Fucking guy!

    Plus, you can buy a caddy and change the material without changing accessories

  • a_sharapko

    A good drum ... but without the necessary purpose, a regular drummer is useless))

  • 1sthast

    I, as it were, have nothing against casting and the Pearl Free Floating system, but what is the logic to first unhook the lags from the frame for a more open sound, and then put the casting?

  • insider

    I bought once such a 14x6.5, changed it only for a reference of the same size)

  • solidator

    I had 14 * 3.5. I really liked the sound. I would gladly buy 14 * 5.5 or 6.5.

  • a_sharapko

    Such a mounting system was made rather in order not to violate the integrity of the case from the inside and to give the frame a better resonance ...

  • pavel_drumsss

    I now have 14 * x3.5 copper. It will sound just high. what is the beauty of this system, here you can change both the depth and the material of the frame by changing only the tensioning system of the working head. Well, the Kadl itself. all this is on sale.

  • lucky83

    I have exactly the same as in the photo, I really like it. Top head remo controlled sound, bottom remo ambassador hazy, strings old classic, the sound is amazing!)