Is it worth buying "Roland" drums?

  • sega

    It was not clear to me how to load my Samples.

    And in the long term - you will always sell the module, the company is well-known and in price.

  • AlexVolny

    There are no alternatives to Roland, both in terms of electronic quality and sound quality. Yes, it's expensive, but there is a wide choice in the lines - you can take the Roland Td-1DMK for starters. My son plays a Roland TD-17KVX - the setup is superb, but requires the purchase of a separate hi-hat stand (I took a Pearl H-2050 acoustic stand).

  • AlexVolny

    For me, high-quality 2-zone and 3-zone cymbals, a high-class control module (essentially from a higher 27 series), an external barrel (not on the frame) for flexible use with a gimbal, and interface with a computer (I use best-in-class Superior Drummer software 3)