experience of erasing the inscription from the plastic of the bass drum without damage

  • swerus

    mr muscle or something alcohol based and voila)

  • Ivan_drums

    I shot with nail polish remover

  • scorp

    I washed with nail polish remover. In a pink plastic bottle, liquid)

  • sega

    Acetone-free nail polish remover is fine.

  • a_sharapko

    in fact, they don't play on plastic with a logo) Do you not know))) And as a zalushka with a hole, it can last 100 years. I have Rockstar 25 years old and I have not changed the return line on the barrel, tk. why?)))

  • drummies

    WHY? It affects the sound! And I know that. I declare responsibly - plastic over time changes its properties and stops sounding as it should. Like the sticks, by the way, they change their properties, even if you play them only on the pad. Should I not know :)))

    Once, the bottom plastic of the snare drum even burst (although I sometimes kept it in the trunk of a car in the summer, it was too much work).