Play on an electronic drumset and do not disturb the neighbors

  • Ivan_drums

    It is necessary to start and finish with rubber. The first layer I would put microporous, 2 centimeters thick, no less. But it can eventually color (blacken) the adjacent surfaces, so you can also put an EVA sheet (yoga foam) under a micropore. Chipboard is quite suitable, so its foam rubber (the denser, the better), 10 centimeters, chipboard again, and finish with vulcanized rubber sheet, otherwise no rug or carpet will cope with the stomping from the base of the pedals. That is, on the floor, this sound is no longer transmitted to neighboring rooms, but the room itself can very well be voiced. In addition, sheet rubber will smooth out possible irregularities and keep chipboard from potholes, and potholes from such a dance will inevitably be trampled.
    I find it difficult to say how much all this can cost, according to the current covid times.
    And it would be nice to put together another box or come up with some kind of limiters so that the puff does not disperse in the process.
    Something like that.

  • solidator

    I saw how they make homemade podiums for shock. Between two chipboards put a certain number of tennis balls, depending on the scale of the podium

  • runner

    The main problem is low frequencies. And as you know, they have the strongest penetrating ability and just like that, "pads" and vibration-absorbing materials will not get rid of them. There is only one way - this is the "decoupling" of the floor and the source of the bottom, the so-called "floating floor" is when the floor platform seems to float in the air with a layer of sand under it, for example, and the edges of the floor platform do not touch the walls, then the low frequencies are isolated and do not penetrate through non-existent structures...

    But! For an apartment, this is a very expensive project and it is almost impossible to implement it for 95% of people.

    There is another option, but it is also complicated, it is a platform of several layers of plywood suspended from the ceiling on cables - there will be no bottom 100%. My friend made such a platform at home, and the truth is, the neighbors did not hear the hum at all.
    In this case, it is necessary to negotiate with the neighbors and explain to them that you also live in the house and have the right to practice a musical instrument, the noise level is definitely not exceeded.

    There are just a lot of people who believe that their personal peace is the concern of everyone around them...kamon, you live in an apartment building - you don't like to build a personal one and live in silence.