Advise a good camera for recording drum covers

  • sega

    Zoom q2n is the best in its segment and a 2in1 recorder and camera

  • Ivan_drums

    I've been using Zoom q2n for two years now, it's a great device for the money! Looks like it's not being released anymore..

  • swerus

    I support zoom q2n, a great device, but I changed it to iPhone 13, the presence of the Internet makes it a more convenient device for recording. if you compare them head-on, then the iPhone has an excellent picture, the sound is quite good (it copes with hissing separately, it's a hat, stack, for example, if you shoot a shared kitchen, then everything is OK), the zoom (normal, not the 4K version) has a tolerable picture only in good light, but the sound is cleaner. but add more inconveniences on the transfer of video clips and uploading to the PC network. in general, somehow, according to my amateur feelings, I hope at least a little comment will be useful)

  • insider

    I would recommend buying a better audio recorder for recording, and video on the phone. The phone now shoots no worse than a pro and better than Chinese action cameras) The best option, of course, would be a recorder + some kind of budget Canon 600d (60d) for a start, it would be enough for the eyes)

  • lucky83

    it's wiser to buy an interface for 6 channels, and slowly stock up on microphones. Because from my experience the recorder is a very specific thing. And mikriks will fit in different situations.

    But again, it's not about the sound, but about the video.

  • runner

    In conditions of sufficient illumination, and a separate sound recording, something like Digma, or even a smartphone camera, will suffice. But in general, I recommend looking at Xiaomi action cameras - they have normal stabilization so that the bottoms through the tripod are not transmitted by trembling.

  • solidator

    Cheap - Gopro hero 5. Wide aperture lens, writes something somehow.