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Отзывы Carmine Appice The Ultimate Realistic Rock Drum Method

Carmine Appice


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The BEST all around rock method out there!
I used the first edition of this book, when I began playing (back in the 70's). It was innovative---cutting edge, and also appealed to a wide range of students ranging from relative beginners to experienced set players. After college I quit playing, but recently began practicing again. I picked up the new edition of Realistic Rock. It did not disappoint. All of the great exercises are still there from the original, and the author has added a CD and made additions to update it for the present rock drumming scene. It still remains at the top of my list of great books for the drum set. Beginning and intermediate drummers will have well over a year's (maybe two years!(www.drumnet.ru)) worth the material, and advanced rockers can also benefit greatly. Anyone capable of mastering this book will end up one heck of a rock drummer!
Bill Sherman

A great no-nonsense course
This course will keep me busy for a long time! There's lots of great matereal, and the exercises are awesome! Really a great way to tune up drumming skills! I also recommend the companion video for the book, it helps clear up some of the hardest rhythms... This book isn't for those seeking higher wisdom of drum theory, but if you are ready to pick up your drum sticks and rock the house, this course will show you how.
Carmine Appice The Ultimate Realistic Rock Drum Method
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