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Pete Lockett Symmetrical Sticking For The Snare Drum

Pete Lockett Symmetrical Sticking For The Snare Drum

Where to downloadPete Lockett Symmetrical Sticking For The Snare Drum

Pete Lockett

H&H Publishing,2003

Paradiddles have a lousy name. They bear the only technical name in percussion known to the wilfully unknowledgeable, who think it hilarious that we drummers should examine such things at close quarters. Young drummers shudder at the memory of trying to master the harmless little guy in their early lessons. Most players get the single, double, triple and perhaps the paradiddlediddle variants down in their primary inversions and move hurriedly on, thus missing the endless stream of possible, and in this book, symmetrical, variations that are so user-friendly and musical when applied around the kit.

Just when you think there is not much more that you can do with a paradiddle, Lockett comes along with this deceptively simple looking volume that will keep you busy for years. He examines the rudiment and its close cousins in an organised and methodical manner, generating exciting rhythms in not only 4/4 and 6/8, but also the less common 5/4 and 7/4 metres. Since the second half of each exercise is a symmetrical mirror image of the first half, both hands get an equal workout.

Paradiddles are at the basis of many a fascinating rhythm. Whether you know it or not, chances are you are using them somewhere. Some drummers tend primarily to use the single-stroke style ( most phrases played with alternate sticking ), others the doublestroke ( two beats with each stick ). Mastery of the paradiddle, being the simplest possible combination of the two, will blur that distinction and offer an invaluable third way to execute the phrase. Follow this book as far as it will lead you, and your efforts will be amply rewarded.

Pete Lockett

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