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Mendoza International Drum Fest 2005

Mendoza International Drum Fest 2005

Carlos Pajaro Corvalan, Christian Galvez, Christian Hirth, Damian Corniola, Daniel Avila, Edward Platt, Gustavo Meli, Hernan Jacinto, Jorge Gallegos, Kike Gentile, Lucio Mazaira, Marco Minnemann, Mariano Agustoni, Oscar Giunta Jazz Trio, Quintino Cinalli, Robby Ameen, Sebastian Peycere


The Mendoza International Drum Fest is a festival that was held over a weekend in the Argentinian state Mendoza in 2005, it was organized by drummer Gustavo Meli, a world known drummer that played in modern drummer festival. The dvd features Marco Minnemann full performance, including an over 40 minute drum solo, it also features Meli entire performance. That was amazing show and drummers from all over the world must see it. Great solos, incredible drummers and a lot of positive emotions, don't miss a chance to watch this.
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