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Modern Drummer Июль 2014

Modern Drummer Июль 2014

On the Cover
Omar Hakim

The past couple years have seen him take the superstar EDM duo Daft Punk to (old) school and also put out his most fully realized solo statement to date.
-by Robin Tolleson

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July 2014 Issue of Modern Drummer magazine Featuring Omar Hakim July 2014 Issue of Modern Drummer Table of Contents Featuring Omar Hakim


Hitting the Stage
Tamas 40th Anniversary Celebration The buzz at NAMM.
-by Mike Haid

What Do You Know About…? John Twink Alder
Recollections of rock’s wildest days.
-by Will Romano

Great Drum Covers
Classic album art with the drums front and center.

Shirazette Tinnin
The woman behind one of this year’s most compelling debuts.
-by Ken Micallef

Anup Sastry
The drummer with Intervals is all about drama and detail.
-by Ben Meyer

Gerald Cleaver
A multidisciplinary master moves forward with purpose.
-by Ken Micallef

Get Good: Being the New Guy
Famous fill-ins Todd Sucherman and Simon Phillips share what they’ve learned from the experience.
-by Mike Haid

A Different View Arturo OFarrill
I told the drum soloists that it was about making a statement—being an activist on their instruments.
-by Jeff Potter

Up & Coming – Valentino Arteaga Of Mice and Men’s raging rhythmatist.
-by Stephen Bidwell


Off the Record Ricky Lawson
Classic Yellowjackets Tracks
-by Mike Casano

Basics Balance Builders
Simple Exercises to Increase Control
-by Jayson Brinkworth

Strictly Technique Rhythm and Timing
Part 5: Single 8th-Note Triplet Partials and Bonus Exercises
-by Bill Bachman

Around the World Afro-Cuban Bell Independence
Progressive Exercises for Freeing Up the Limbs
-by Powell Randolph

Jazz Drummers Workshop Syncopation Revisited
Part 2: 3/4 Applications
-by Steve Fidyk


Shop Talk
• Slingerland Radio King Drumsets

Product Close-Up
• Canopus Stave Bubinga Drumset
• Grover Pro Custom Snare Drums
• Scymtek Xtreme and Modern

Series Cymbals

• Gator Protechtor Evolution Series

Snare Case

Electronic Review Alesis DM7X Drumset

Gearing Up

• Capital Cities Channing Cook Holmes
New and Notable



• The Spice of Life
-by Michael Dawson

Readers Platform

Ask a Pro – Tobias Ralph, Alan Dawson
Its Questionable The Doctor Is In: High Blood Pressure and Drumming
Showcase Featuring Drum Market


In Memoriam Ricky Lawson, Sam Ulano
Kit of the Month – Ticket to Ride
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