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 Jeremy Williams Remembering How to Drum: Djembe Technique Watch videoschool online
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 Jeremy Williams Remembering How to Drum: Djembe Technique Download videoschool for free
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Jeremy Williams Remembering How to Drum: Djembe Technique

Jeremy Williams Remembering How to Drum: Djembe Technique

Jeremy Williams


This DVD provides a study of traditional Djembe technique, enabling you to play with confidence and clarity. It includes the following exercises:
- Interactive Ensembles that allow you to hear only the drums you want and silence the rest. For instance, hear all drum parts, Djembe only, or just Dunun. Eight options total!
- Basic Yoga warm-ups chosen especially for Djembe drummers.
- Infinitely looping practice rhythms appropriate for all levels, beginner through advanced.
- Develop bass, tone, and slap in order to speak clearly on the drum.
- Question & Answer exercise designed to get you "out of your head" and into the feel of the music.
- Ghosting exercises in binary & ternary.
- Polyrhythmic & polymetric exercises.
- Complete maintenance & tuning instructions.

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