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 Pandit Sadanand Naiampalli Theory and Practice of Tabla Watch videoschool online
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 Pandit Sadanand Naiampalli Theory and Practice of Tabla Download videoschool for free
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Pandit Sadanand Naiampalli Theory and Practice of Tabla

Pandit Sadanand Naiampalli Theory and Practice of Tabla

Pandit Sadanand Naiampalli


Video lessons of playing the tabla from Pandit Sadanand Naiampalli. This course designed for musicians with level from Intermediate to Advanced. At the beginning of the disc is given a brief alphabet (bols) to record the rhythms (taals). At the beginning of each chapter before playing taals described appropriate bols. Video and audio quality is certainly not great. But publishers of disk are put a lot of cool stuff.

Mr Naimpalli received his training from one of the great educators of tabla, Pandit Taranath Rao. Taranathjis analysis of the repertoire of tabla was based in logic and practicality and this approach is clearly evident in Sadanand Naimpailis video. Sadanand is one of the finest maestros of tabla. The DVD covers in detail both theory and practice. This is required reading and viewing for anyone wanting to learn to play tabla.

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