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Jared Falk One Handed Drum Roll

Jared Falk One Handed Drum Roll

Jared Falk


This training pack was created to enable drummers of all abilities to learn and apply a one handed roll into their everyday drumming. It fully explains how to develop this unique method, and goes on to provide a wide range of applications in which it can be used - including rock, jazz, and latin drum beats.

how to develop the basic technique on a practice pad
the best way to hold the stick when learning the method
how to apply what you have learned on the snare drum
how to best control the technique playing with a metronome
OHR DVDadvanced tips for jumping in and out different note values
a variety of ways to transition from two handed patterns!
how to apply what you've learned on the full drum kit
unique patterns to play around the drum kit for solos!
ways to implement it into rock, jazz, and latin drum beats!
how to use this technique to make truly amazing drum solos!
and finally, how you can use the method with both hands to create what Jared calls - the Two-handed SUPER ROLL!

videschool drum lessons hand technique stick grip playing with metronome (click) grooves Jared Falk

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