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Omar Hakim Express Yourself

Omar Hakim Express Yourself +book/booklet/sheet

Omar Hakim


Omar Hakim has recorded and toured with some of the most important bands in pop and jazz music. From Weather Report and Miles Davis to Sting, Dire Straits and David Bowie, Omars playing has consistently set new drumming standards. In addition to the hundreds of albums and CDs Omar has played on, he is an accomplished singer/songwriter and has a solo album Rhythm Deep on GRP Records.

In Express Yourself, Omar begins by discussing how to develop a fluid style on the drumset based on posture, balance and logical drum set-up. He then goes on to share some of the many experiences he has had playing in a wide range of bands from Bowie to Weather Report and he discusses the importance of relating to other musicians personally as well as musically. Omar discusses concepts such as soloing in a compositional way demonstrating his approach with several great solos. And in a great showcase for his creative deep-pocket grooves, Omar performs three compositions, Constructive Criticism, Molasses Run, and Amethst Secrets along with Victor Bailey on bass, Jimi Tunnell on guitar, and Michael Beardon and John Adams on keyboards.

This video will not only give you an intimate look at one of todays most influential drummers, it will also provide you with some great ideas and concepts as to how you can better Express Yourself as a musician.

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