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Akaran Iko Iko (Learn Again, Again)

Akaran Iko Iko (Learn Again, Again)

Mahiri Fadjimba Keita Michael J. Taylor Menes Yahuda


Play along with the music of the Mande Djembe Orchestra, guided by Tam Tam Mandingue certified professors of djembe, Mahiri Fadjimba Keita (son of Mamady Keita), Menes Yahuda and Michael J. Taylor. Introduction in German, English, Spanish, French and Japanese.

This DVD reinforces the teachings found in Grand Master Drummer Mamady Keitas instructional DVD's, allowing you to practice along with the rhythms. It can be used as a tool for drummers who aspire to, or already play for dance classes... or for anyone working on solo djembe techniques and variations on sangban and dununba. Anyone seeking continued reinforcement of what they already know can that they might learn again and again.

This is a great learning tool for the intermediate/advanced drummer looking for a different type of learning tool. Each rhythm is played in ensemble format at a slow and a fast pace. During play, each part of the ensemble can be isolated while still watching the whole ensemble perform. Mahiri also plays many traditional solo phrases over each rhythm making this an excellent DVD for learning solo technique.

percussion drum lessons playing percussion videoschool playing djembe lessons Mahiri Fadjimba Keita Menes Yahuda Michael J. Taylor

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