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George Kollias Intense Metal Drumming

George Kollias Intense Metal Drumming

George Kollias


George Kollias is a Greek drummer best known for his work with American death metal band Nile. He started playing drums at the age of 12 and some years later started drum lessons with John Stavropoulos, a well known Greek drummer. In addition to being the drummer of Nile he also teaches drums at the Modern Music School in Athens. Throughout this DVD he will show you how to perform Blast Beats, Bob Blasts, Double Bass Drumming, and much more.

George Kollias Intense Metal Drumming DVD is the best display of precision speed drumming in existence. He has a sharing soul and his approach is simple to understand. This DVD will challenge you and inspire you to not give up working hard no matter who tries to stop you from playing as fast and precise as you can.

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