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George Kollias Intense Metal Drumming II

George Kollias Intense Metal Drumming II +book/booklet/sheet

George Kollias


Hudson Music is pleased to announce the release of Intense Metal Drumming 2, with Popular metal drummer and educator George Kollias. Produced independently by Kollias, and appearing on the Hudson Ltd. label, this brand-new 2 disc set comes 4 years after George s first instructional DVD release.

Since then, Kollias has become known as an international authority on extreme metal drumming, and this DVD is a must-have for anyone interested in this topic. Providing multiple workouts and specific concepts, Intense Metal Drumming II is a highly educational product that goes beyond licks and gives you a meaningful program that can help you in pushing your abilities to the next level.

Topics covered include blast beat concepts and workouts, extreme fill-ins, developing speed around the kit, and odd time concepts. George also covers reading concepts, practicing systems, general tips, and warm-ups, which take this DVD beyond just metal and make it useful and helpful for drummers of all styles.

Another highlight of the DVD is a complete section on double bass speed, control, balance, and expanded vocabulary. Bonus features include a PDF containing all the exercises on the DVD, a documentary from George 2010-2011 clinic tour, backstage footage, an equipment tour, and extensive interview with George. George Kollias does away with any preconceptions that metal drummers like the musical sophistication and education ability of other types of players, said Hudson Senior Drum Editor Joe Bergamini.

As this DVD makes clear, George is not only an incredible player, but an enthusiastic and effective educator, who provides a detailed program here that will definitely help drummers of all styles with their command of the drum set. And of course, metal players will want to grab this DVD as soon as it hits the street, because it is so jam-packed with clear concepts and specific exercises to bring your metal vocabulary, control, and speed to the next level.

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