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Moeller Method Secrets by Mike Michalkow

Владимир Ермаков (Черный Обелиск) Зеленый альбом

Ultimate Beginner: Have Fun Playing Djembe

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Gregg Bissonette PRIVATE LESSON

Gregg Bissonette PRIVATE LESSON

Gregg Bissonette


In Private Lesson Gregg covers a wide variety of styles and techniques on drumset from sudimental snare segments to dynamic demonstrations with brushes. He covers such a diverse topics as playing rock, latin, funk, swing, double bass, beat displacement, solo and fill ideas and most importantly, ways to develop good time and groove. Gregg's incredible playing and extremely well-rounded stylistic approach are captured in an open drum solo, four examples of playing with taped and sequenced keyboard grooves and serveral in-depth demonstrations. This tape is a must for serious players on any level.

Gregg Bissonette videschool for beginner drummers rudiments drum lessons

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