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Павел Кован (гр. Маримба плюс) Мастер-класс - 30.07.2007

Matt Halpern Drum Clinic Moscow Groove Clinic 28.02.2015

Павел Степанов Мастер-класс в Казани 17.11.2013

Watch online for free Steve Smith PART TWO

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Videoschools with Steve Smith

Steve Smith PART ONE
Steve Smith Drumset Technique/History of the U.S. Beat

Videoschools about playing with two bass drums

Carmine Appice DRUM CLINIC
George Kollias Intense Metal Drumming II
Jared Falk, Sean Lang, Dave Atkinson Bass Drum Secrets 2.0
Rod Morgenstein Putting It All Together
Simon Phillips: Complete

Videoschools about playing with two bass drums

Mike Michalkow Drumming System 2.0
Joe Morello Drum Method 2 - Around the Kit
Ginger Baker Master Drum Technique
Pat Torpey Big Drums
Joe Franco Double Bass Drumming

Videoschools about drum solo building

Terry Bozzio Solo Drums
Mike Terrana Double Bass Mechanics
Макс Клоц Мастер-класс в «Синкопе» - 06.02.2005
Макс Клоц Мастер-класс в «Синкопе» - 22.01.2006
Dave Weckl The Next Step

Videoschools about fusion style

Lenny White IN CLINIC
Dennis Chambers Serious Moves
Peter Magadini Jazz Drums
Макс Клоц Мастер-класс в «Синкопе» - 22.01.2006
Макс Клоц and Парадигма - 30.03.2008
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