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Богдан Котов (Bony Katt) Мастер-класс - 13.08.2012

Mike Michalkow Drum Tuning System

Александр Муренко Мастер-класс - 08.10.2007

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Jack Dejohnette Musical Expression Of The Drum Set

Jack Dejohnette Musical Expression Of The Drum Set

Jack De Johnette


Master drummer Jack DeJohnette sees his instrument as a complete musical entity, melodic as well as percussive. This fascinating video demonstrates the unique approach that has made him one of the world's most sought-after players. You'll learn how Jack creates a flow of improvisational ideas through balance and relaxation as he communicates his concepts on phrasing, tuning, timekeeping and melody. He provides important "inside" tips on his cymbal technique, stick and brush work, bass and hi-hat pedaling, and other skills in a spectacular display of seamlessly interwoven grooves—reggae, funk, rock and Latin—that conveys Jack DeJohnette's remarkable command of his instrument to all learning drummers.

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