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David Romero Bongos

David Romero Bongos

David Romero


This informative/instructional video produced by percussionist David Romero--formerly of Earth Wind & Fire, Poncho Sánchez and currently with Wayne Newton in Las Vegas, Nevada-- is an excellent learning tool for beginners and intermediate level percussionists wanting to enhance their knowledge of the twin drum instrument called the bongó or bongos. In the more than 90-minute video, Romero includes a bit of history of the instrument, maintenance tips, tuning, finger and hand techniques. He teaches the most common bongó pattern, the "martillo" and variations of the martillo. Other instructions cover the 6/8 pattern known as "kila," various common bongó riffs and licks, the use of the bongó bell and ah explanation of the term "bongosero." The video concludes with a closing demonstration jam by Romero. This raw but informative and educational video is worth every penny of its cost.

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