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Flo Mounier Extreme Metall Drumming

Flo Mounier Extreme Metall Drumming

Flo Mounier


This release from Canadian drummer Flo Mounier is one of the first, (and still one of the only) educational sources around at the moment on "Speed Metal", "Grindcore" and "Death Metal" drumming which is a growing genre of music. The first disc of this two disc set focuses on the techniques needed to play effectively in this genre. Flo discusses the basic elements fundamental in playing extreme metal drums as well as showing exercises, routines and tips facilitating speed, endurance and control. The second disc focuses on live performances with Flo s band Cryptopsy, clinic performances, over the top solos, extreme songs and drum duets. As Flo's playing has inspired many different types of drummers, so will the contents of this 2 DVD set. The DVD-Rom (Disc 1) is PC and Mac compatible. Flo Mounier is the drummer of the Canadian Death Metal Band Cryptopsy. He has been with the band ever since they renamed themselves from Necrosis to Cryptopsy. He is most known for his technical skills and speed incorporationg double bass drumming and blast beats mixed with a jazzy play of ehythms. He is considered one of the most talented Heavy Metal Drummers of all time. Read more:

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