Andrei Ischenko drum clinic - 11-12 september 2014

Andrei Ischenko drum clinic - 11-12 september 2014

The master class was recorded at NAMM Musikmesse Russia 2014.
Master class program

At the master class, Andrey Ishchenko will perform several compositions on a ROLAND electronic drum kit, as well as share interesting and useful information for drummers:

1. Dynamic double pedal play
Foot technique is a rather extensive, interesting and in-demand topic. Thanks to constant practice, Andrey has developed excellent control and endurance of his legs. At the master class, he will share his experience and give advice on the development of control and dynamic double pedal playing. Andrey will also tell in detail and demonstrate in practice his double AXIS X-L2 pedal with an enlarged LONGBOARDS platform.

2. How to disassemble the new material on the way to work?
Many drummers, especially session drummers, face a problem it is urgently necessary to disassemble a large number of compositions, and there is almost no time left for this Due to the simultaneous participation in many collectives, Andrey had to shoot and memorize huge amounts of material. At the master class, he will share his methodology for parsing and memorizing drum parts without using a drum kit and in the shortest possible time.

3. Features of the drummer's work on tour.
This topic concerns almost all musicians, and especially drummers. Before going on a tour, there are many questions:

- How to prepare for the tour?
- What tools should I choose and how to transport them correctly?
- How do I warm up before concerts and do I need to keep myself in "shape"?
- How to save energy during the concert, so as not to "run out of steam" right away?Website presents to your attention the video school Andrei Ischenko drum clinic - 11-12 september 2014. To view it, you must be logged in to the site (in other words - register on it, or log in to your account.) Otherwise, you won't be able to watch the video.

Watch with a translation into Russian Andrei Ischenko drum clinic - 11-12 september 2014